Fostering Childhood

helping kids be kids

Welcome to the Fostering Childhood Foundation.

One of the most surprising aspects of the foster care system to the uninitiated is how limited the financial means are to support the children in the system.  The state provides a basic stipend to foster parents to cover food, clothing, and personal care items for their child but nothing more.  In an ideal world, foster parents would have sufficient personal financial means to provide more than just basic necessities for the child but the reality is far from that.  Many, if not most, foster parents are struggling financially and take in children out of the goodness of their heart.  What this means, though, is that although the foster child will have food and clothing and hopefully some love, they often receive little beyond this.  The end result is that it is not uncommon for a foster child’s birthday to go by uncelebrated, a Halloween to pass without a costume, a soccer season to finish without any cleats, and ultimately a childhood to pass by without ever visiting a baseball stadium or experiencing other common childhood activities.

Fostering Childhood was started by social workers who felt that all children deserve to experience a full childhood.  Sometimes the state and the foster parents are financially unable to provide the child with experiences as basic as celebrating their own birthday, and we feel strongly in these cases its our job to step in and help out. 

Our goal is to provide foster children with meaningful childhood memories by giving them opportunities to explore their talents, celebrate their lives, and obtain a sense of normalcy. We believe that doing this will help them feel valued and loved and increase the likelihood that they will become well-adapted adults that are productive members of our society.  We hope you take a moment to tour our website and learn a little more about what we’re striving to do.